June 14, 2024
Latest company case about IS200EPSMG2A - EXCITER POWER SUPPLY MODULE

IS200EPSMG2A is an Exciter Power Supply Module Manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the EX2100 Series used in the GE Excitation Turbine Control System and the EX2100 Regulator Control. EPSM Group 1 modules (EPSMG1) are used in the excitation control system and EPSM Group 2 modules (EPSMG2) are used in the regulator control. EPSMG2 includes an IS200EPSDG_A Exciter Regulator Power Supply Daughter board (EPSD) mounted to it. The EPSM is comprised of 2 major sections, a buck regulator and a push-pull inverter. The buck-regulator converts the input voltage to a 50 V dc intermediate voltage. This intermediate voltage is then applied to a push-pull inverter to create the required multiple output voltages. The transformer used in the push-pull inverter provides high-voltage isolation between the input voltage source and the output supplied to the control system.